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Corporate Matters

Six Sigma Environment
It is not easy to implant the concept of Six Sigma into the culture of a company. This is because Six Sigma hardly bears any comparison with other quality management tools, barring a few similarities ...
Successful Human Resource Management for Employees
Almost all large sized companies have some type of human resources management in place so that employees have someone available to help them deal with many different types of issues that include under...
Consultants Help Fine Tune Your Business Performance
A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area of expertise such as IT, management, marketing, or finance etc. Consultants identify companies' marketing or business ne...
Accounts Receivable Factoring Companies
As an owner of a company, you may have felt frustrated because your cash is tied up in fixed inventories and so you don't have enough cash flow to energize your business. And keeping track of the in...
Project Management in the 21st Century
Project management, whether in the context of information technology or business, centers on the ability to juggle and coordinate budgets, manpower and time. These three elements represent the corner...
Thinking Six Sigma
The sole purpose behind thinking Six Sigma is the uncovering of the mystery of process variations. Six Sigma professionals, starting from top down, must combine their goals so that they all think in u...
How To Ensure Your Employee Incentive Program Pays Off
Non-cash incentive programs and fringe benefits can have a powerful influence on attitudes, that should in turn improve results. You can give employees the greatest incentive program, however, by impa...
Six Sigma is comprised of various methods that help in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes. The two most commonly used Six Sigma methodologies include DMAIC and DMADV. DM...
Manage Your Bank Account With Ease And Convenience
Of late, online banking has increasingly gained popularity. Countless consumers have largely benefited from this real possibility to conduct all their banking transactions online, without having to st...
Process Simulation And Six Sigma
Six Sigma has become one of the most commonly used quality management techniques since its introduction in the 1990's. The importance of Six Sigma has continued to increase ever since companies like ...
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