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Credit Matters

'freeload' your Way to a High Credit Score
Yes it's true! You want the credit card companies to call you a 'deadbeat' or a 'freeloader'. That means your paying your credit card bill in full every month. This translated to a higher cred...
Get the Facts - Can Settling a Debt Affect Your Credit Score
A lot of people are staying awake at night worrying about how they are going to pay their credit card bills. You may also worry about how being maxed out on your credit cards are affecting your credit...
Keeping your Credit Safe While you Adopt
Security is on everyone's minds these days, and with good reason. If you're careful and take a few steps to prevent problems in advance, you shouldn't have anything to worry about in your adoption...
Fast Credit Report Repair
Let's face it. If you have bad credit you want it repaired as fast as possible. No one wants to go through life with bad credit. If you've been living with bad credit, it's time to do something ...
The Aftermath of a Poor Credit History
There are many reasons why your credit history might be in danger. It could be that you have been shopping like nobody's business and running up a huge debt. Or it could be that you are falling behin...
How to Raise your Credit Score With the Credit Bureaus
A consumer's credit history and their resulting credit score, as computed by the credit bureaus, has a major impact on many aspects of the consumer's life, and that is getting to be more the case ev...
Your Credit Eligibility is a Guarantee of Success
When getting a mortgage or a car loan or a small business loan you realize how important reasonable building of a credit history is. Your credit history is reflected numerically in your credit score....
Did You Know That Everyone is Looking at Your Credit Report?
Your employer probably saw a copy before hiring you and your landlord likely considered it before accepting you as a tenant. Long distance telephone carriers and cell phone companies even look at it b...
How Can I Change My Credit Limit?
Many people ask this question and for different reasons. Some of the reasons for wanting a higher credit limit are good and sensible reasons. Others are not. Let's look at some of the issues involved...
Are There Any No Credit Mastercards Out There?
When you have a credit card it makes life a bit easier in many ways. But I am sure you have heard that you cant get a credit card if you dont have any credit. Well I am here to let you not that ...
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