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Do Government Assistance Programs in Fact Assist Small Businesses?
Government budgets are relayed to various assistance programs whose purpose is to encourage economic activity in small businesses. It is often asked whether these programs do in fact fulfill their pur...
Choosing your Pool Cleaning Business Name
Any one who said ‘what’s in a name’ definitely did not live in the electronic and commercial times of today. The name not only identifies the nature of the business but also plays an...
Is Your Business Protected From Fraud?
Can your business survive a $200,000 embezzlement or other fraud scheme? What if that scheme was spread out over 10 or 15 years? Would you notice?Denise, a $35K a year bookkeeper, for a small trucking...
Small Business Homepage Construction
Custom design of the home page for a small business client is not much different than making a contract to construct a new brick and mortar home for their private residence. When complete each should...
Starting a Small Business in Sacramento
If you are thinking of starting a small business in Sacramento, then now is an excellent time, since real estate prices are down compared to the previous 3 years and retail inflation is also quite in ...
Double Your Business Results Using the Penny Model
Doubling your business results is much easier than many you realize. Especially, when you can implement a simpler process, you CHANGE how you THINK. Before explaining how to double your business resul...
The Formalities Attached to Registered Office
You may want to start and run a limited company or have a limited liability partnership in UK. In both the cases one thing you have to maintain- and that is a registered office. This office must be in...
Registered Office and Business Impression
Every businessman in the UK needs to maintain a registered office. It is an address where all the official mails are sent. No matter what is the size of a business, this office is a must if it is oper...
Sole Proprietorships, Llcs & Corporations: a Guide to Legal Forms of Business
For many business owners, it can be difficult to understand the differences between various types of legal business organizations. Across all types there are benefits, drawbacks and rules that apply i...
How to Get Started or Re-started in Your Mortgage Business
Whether you're new to the mortgage business or been sitting on the sidelines for a while, this is a great time to get involved and jump-start your mortgage business.The U.S. housing market is still e...
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