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Result Search For : Politics
Surviving Corporate Politics Part 2: Keeping Up Appearances
Never a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression, or so the saying goes. We all know that when someone is introduced into your work environment for the first time, their peers size them up immediately. Ho....
Office Politics
Office politics! Its just another way of saying: The employees are not getting along!¯ When so much of a companys success depends on the employees ability to work together as a cohesiv...
Wearing Your Politics on Your Sleeve
As the election season heats up, progressively minded entrepreneurs are combining their politics, creativity, and business savvy in an all-out effort to defeat George W. Bush in 2004. "Vote for Anyo...
Investment Politics 2008: Whats (left) In Your Wallet?
The parade of promises is marching down Main Street. For too many months to come, politicians of all descriptions, parties, and ideologies will be courting our votes... they have the cure for all that...
The Politics Of Internet Copywriters.
There have been times when the subject has come up that Internet copy writers were in fact, duplicating different websites. The unfortunate truth was that they were in fact some Internet copywriters d...
Your Jobs and Career Politics
Politics, does your work place is filled with office politics?! Does this stop you from mingling with others and makes you just be sinking into your job?Politics has already been a part of a human liv...
The Politics of the Third Gender: Gay People in the Workplace
The battle ranges on among queer people as they fought for their rights in the workplace. In the United States alone, 34 states has the legal right to fire someone based on sexual orientation, while 4...
The Politics of Office Management
Office management has been portrayed in every imaginable way on television and in the movies, from the situational mix of drama and comedy on "Ally McBeal" to the overtly preposterous and over the t...
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