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MLM Secrets
If you're scared of public speaking, cold calling, or talking to strangers, then read on. Diffusing live explosives can produce some enormous fears. But fear is not welcome while working on anything...
7 Super Ways To Drum Up More Sales
1. Use subheads throughout your ad copy. Subheads are great to use to break up your long ad copy. Your subheads will keep your visitor's interest in your marketing copy and help you to break up yo...
Product Review- Quick and Easy Ways to Instantly Mine Pure Gold from WordTracker
The other day I was surfing the net looking for resources relating to WordTracker. WordTracker is, in my opinion, one of the top two market research tools on the net. The problem is that very few peo....
How To Use the Multiplier Effect in Web Marketing
One of the most exciting things about doing business online is the Multiplier Effect. It's the principal factor behind some of the fortunes that have been made on the Internet. How does it work? ...
How to use Emotional Content to Increase Visitor Response
Did you know that many folks make "buying decisions" when they are moved emotionally? Other traditional medias have made the most of these principles and taken advantage of them for many years, whet...
Internet Marketing Via E-mail Promotion
Promotion is a crucial method that can make or break a market. Promotion stimulates demand and therefore increases profit from sales. It makes use of every media available that are accessible to poten...
Keeping your Business Alive
As long as you eat and breathe you will stay alive. But is that really living? In a crisis that may be enough. If your business is in crisis - deal with it. But the secret to keeping your business al....
10 Ways To Improve Your Print Ads
1) Include a coupon in your large ads. This can increase response from 25 to 100 percent. Your coupon could offer the prospect your brochure or catalog. 2) Use a benefit headline on your coupon tha....
Thought I'd share a bit about using press releases as an internet marketing tool, based on our recent experiences.We at Eagle Productions (NZ) have done quite a bit of research on press release servi...
Use These Highly Effective Terms In Your Marketing Copy To Pull Sales!
It is always important that you use the right terms when marketing your product to potential buyers. The right term may mean increased enquiries for your product and possibly more sales. Failure to ....
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