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Money Management

Do You Want To Save Money On Your New Car?
Car salesmen are notorious for being misleading and actually going through the process of purchasing a vehicle, new or used, from one is a dance that most of us will have to go through at one point or...
Your Rebate... Here are Some Great Ideas for How to Spend it
This just in from the IRS... you may be only 3 days away from receiving your rebate! The schedule has been moved forward (a rare move for the U.S. government) and the first recipients will be receivin...
Money for Unemployed Students: Source of Fast Cash
A person who is unemployed from last few months, he has to face many financial problems. It is really very hard to make ends meet during times when all the sources of the cash failed. But now lenders ...
Your Next Cheerleading Fundraising Idea
A lot of creative cheerleading fundraising ideas exist to help out your squad this year. If your cheerleading squad comes up a little short on funds. These ideas include sure fire money makers like ya...
Dump the US Dollar??
Dump the US Dollar?Why not? Everyone seems to hate the US dollars. Even a famous model recently came out and stated she wanted to be paid in any currency except the US Dollar. I did not know she was a...
Teach Kids to be Thrifty Spenders
Teaching kids is just plain easier than teaching adults and this principle definitely applies to financial matters. Getting children in the habit of saving as opposed to over spending can and should ...
Saving Money: Guide to Better Budgeting
A budget is basically a money plan, outlining your financial goals. Having a budget, you can well establish and regulate funds, set and achieve your financial objectives, and make advance decisions as...
Payment Protection
To be able to decide if you should take payment protection with your loan you need to fully understand what payment protection offers and how it works. You must then consider how appropriate this is t...
5 Ways To Make Money With One Article
Would you like to know a winning formula on how to make money on the Web from writing articles? Here's how I do it: I write an article, create 4-5 versions of it, and sell it for use by others in my ...
Britons Keeping Large Sums of Cash in the House
A new survey has revealed that the overwhelming majority of Britons are missing out on interest payments by keeping their savings stashed in their homes - rather than safely stored in a savings accoun...
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