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Holding Your Own Candle Fundraiser
Only a few people are interested in launching a candle fundraiser because few people know how to make candles. Candle making does not require a lot of money because the materials are not costly.If yo...
Whats Wrong With your Sales? Teach yourself Copywriting With These Jaw Dropping Ad Copy Secrets
Here's a really simple way... to turbo charge your ad copy production.This is one is the major things that a majority of internet and affiliate marketing from all ranks are missing today. Copy writin...
Loan Officer Success - Making Mega Bucks With Mortgage Leads
In your marketing efforts, you want to be getting new business from multiple avenues. One efficient method is purchasing mortgage leads from reputable leads companies.Loan officers working in the rea...
Secrets of Top New Business Developers
Rainmakers, top guns, power prospectors, business builders, call them what you will. If there is one challenge that consumes sales and marketing executives it's, "How do I turn more of my team into ...
The Power Of Corporate ID Branding
According to some marketing experts if Coca-cola would decide to liquidate its business, its brand alone would cost well over $26 billion. This is quite absurd assertion for ordinary people who are n...
How To Write A Sinful & Compelling Copy That Will Magically Increase Sales
If you own an online business you know that your copy is the - first and often only - thing a customer sees when they visit your site. Its job is to act as a salesperson and convince prospects to take...
Cold Calling: Its Chilly Out There
Who likes to make cold calls, you might ask? The short answer is that there are probably few who relish the activity and fewer yet who are good at it.I think we've all run into someone in our profess...
Setting Your Goals In Sales Training
It doesn't matter if you are in an auto sales training, TV and radio sales, estate sales or time share sales in my conversations with sales management over the years, I've found that top producers a...
Poor Girl Riches Journal: Sell your Digital Goods Online Almost for Free!
If You've Been Online For Any Amount Of Time And You've Been Thinking Of Starting Your Own Online Business, Then You Know That Most Business Opp Gurus Will Tell You That The Best Opportunities Are N...
Moving on and Moving Up? Sell or Remodel?
DATELINE: ROCKLAND, MA...Empire Companies, a home remodeling, custom building and real estate company headquartered in Rockland, has recently announced complimentary consultation services for homeowne...
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