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Who really pays the Income Taxes?
With all the talkof the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes and the tax cuts earlierthis decade only went to the rich, here are some facts to contemplate and youas the reader can make up you...
Spanish Property - Wealth Tax & Inheritance Tax
We have many clients who have either bought in Spain or the Balearics, or are thinking about doing so.In the past few years, there have been some changes in how the Spanish government tax those who ar...
Inside Secrets of Failed Tax Strategies
I have seen the inner workings of hundreds of tax strategies. I recently did a study of tax strategies to reveal the inside secrets of failed tax strategies. I was searching for common causes of the...
Texas Property Tax Appeals
Texas Property Tax AppealsSteps to Protesting and Reducing Your Property Value AnnuallyStep 1. File a ProtestTexas property tax appeals can be filed using the form provided by the appraisal district, ...
5 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Taxi Minibus Insurance
It is important to get the right insurance for your vehicle but at the right price. With some commercial vehicle insurers you may end up paying too much as they apply a standard cover which is not sui...
Wholesale Business - Tax Season Tips
One of the great steps your wholesale business portfolio can suffer or pass with greater ease is the Uncle Sam month- April month. For this exceptional month when you are a retailer or a wholesale dis...
Is the Irs Sending You a Rebate Check? Find Out if You are Eligible
Congress recently passed the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. It's designed to inject $152 billion into the U.S economy. What does this mean to you?You could be one of the 130 million taxpayers who wi...
Income Tax Problems Can Be Solved
Many income tax problems start with marriage, divorce and death. Many people who are single file their own return and then don't worry about owing because they are simply filing a W-2. They either ...
Global Warming Taxes Could Slow Overseas Property Markets
The call for new taxes on flights to reduce carbon emissions could impact the prices of properties, according to a UK based overseas property company.'There has been more discussion and calls for act...
How to Make the Tax System Work For YOU!!
Uneducated Tax System vs. Educated Tax System The line under your income on your pay stub is where these two systems differ. With the uneducated tax system, you deduct the three lines under your i...
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