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What Does A Stockholder Do?
Let us envision you, not as a creditor, but as a part owner, a proprietor. That's what you become when you buy stock. You get away from the sheltered and static position of having a prior call on a c...
Currency Trading Seminars
A seminar is a workshop conducted with an intention of teaching the audience about a subject. Currency trading seminars are basically helps advise the traders or potential traders about the subject. ...
What it takes to be a great trader
††††††††††††††† There are a number of traits that someone must obtain if they want to be a great stock market trader.† These traits are critical to your success as a stock market trade...
Currency Trading Online - 4 Advantages Why Currency Trading Online Is The Way To Go!
We all know that on investment in any business which is home based we will desire for a good profit. If you feel that there is no profit then you will not put in your hard earn money in it. The exciti...
Currency Trading Three Reasons Why It Beats Stock Trading
Profits in a Bear or Bull Market Currency can bring growth during both a bull and bear market which is one of the three reasons why it beats stock trading.† There is no short selling restrictions and...
Success Trading for New Traders: What Does Bid and Ask Mean?
Lets say youre trading stocks. The first price (usually the one on the left) is called a bidĚ. This is the price at which the market is offering to buy the stock. If you sell your stock at ...
Why use paper trading?
††††††††††††††† Paper trading is trading with a fake account.† You can place trades just like a normal account but the wins and losses you experience in a paper trading account does no...
My Currency Trading Made Easy Guide
I'm going to share with you some information about currency trading made easy. There is just a certain way of doing business in this market place. The problem is that a lot of people don't know what...
Determination of Stock Market Valuations (cont'd) - Part 3/3
For a particular stock, the analyst usually looks at companies with similar growth rates or similar companies in different industries to find "comparables" which are then either tweaked higher or lo...
Indian Time Cycles, Gann and the Future of the U.s. Stock Market
"Most Gann aficionados know that Gann used astrology and that the most successful traders use it in their trading, as it is the hidden undercurrent that runs the markets. J.P. Morgan, the founder of ...
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